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Why is the atmosphere so good around all Tri-Sound events?

Well, simply look behind the commentators, the music and the sound system and you'll find Tri-Sound.

Established around 12 years now, Greg and his innovative sound company brings an every increasing array of sound equipment, and music, to sports or corporate events and is a dynamic part of their entertainment and commentary team in ensuring a great atmosphere where ever he sets up.

And that can be as varied as the shoreline of Lake Burley Griffen in Canberra for the LD Triathlon World Championship or Huskisson for the National long distance triathlon championship, to the shores of Bass Strait at Torquay for the Surf Coast International (the Victorian LD Championship) and the Bluff to Beach Ocean swim - to the coastline of Port Stephens and the NSW Club Championships.

In short Tri-Sound works the Whole of Australia. Events, long and short, for a variety of organisers of a wider variety of triathlon and multisport and corporate events.

Tri-Sound also works with leading event organisers to develop specialised event equipment, including a range of light weight bike racks, and easy to use lighting towers, plus storage and transportation answers.

For the very best in event sound, innovation and hi-tech answers to your event sounds - or triathlon and multisport equipment - needs, check in with Greg now...

Need sound? Need Tri-Sound!

What our customers say:

Tri-Sound fulfills our event needs perfectly; right mix of equipment, right mix of product and the know how to make it all work perfectly - Nick Munting / X-Tri Australia P/L


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